Privacy Policy

We value your privacy very much. Dark Web Links’ objective is to protect your privacy when gathering data about you on our page, https://DarkWeb.Link, as well as other web pages we own and run.

We only collect personal data when it is necessary to offer you a service. With user knowledge or approval, we collect it ethically and legally. We also explain why we’re gathering it or how we’ll use it.

We only keep the information we gather as far as it’s essential to offer you the service you’ve requested. We’ll secure the privacy we hold using commercially reasonable safeguards to avoid loss and robbery, and also data leakage, disclosure, theft, misuse, or alteration.

Except as mandated by law, we do not share such personally identifiable information openly or with other parties. Our site may contain links to other websites which aren’t under our control. Kindly be informed that we already have no responsibility for the content or activities of these websites, and we thus cannot bear liability or responsibility for their privacy settings.

You have the option to deny our request for private details, but you should be aware that we would have been unable to offer you a few of the products you desire.

Continuous use of our service will be seen as approval of our policy and private info practices. Kindly inform us if you do have any issues regarding how we manage user personal data.

This policy will take effect on December 16, 2021.